Air Bubble Pouches

Description of Air Bubble Pouches

Air Bubble Pouches are lightweight but durable plastic pouches designed to ship products. They give support to the item & help in protecting your item from getting any scratches. They are thin, yet robust so they don’t take up much space on a truck while in shipment. Air Bubble Pouches come in various sizes and styles padded with bubble wrap so they don’t require extra dunnage like many boxes require to hold items in place to avoid shipping damages.

Specifications of Air Bubble Pouches

Company Crystal Containers
Product name Air Bubble Pouches
Category  Courier Bags
Width 60-400mm
Length 60-410mm
Glossy/Matt Glossy
Trans./Opaque Both Available
Usage/Application To Send the Product / Letters / Documents Etc. From One Place To Another.
MOQ For Plain/Printed 5000 pcs  / 20000 pcs
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    Features & Advantages of Air Bubble Pouches

    • Air Bubble Pouches ensure reduction in product damage.
    • Improves consumer satisfaction levels due to safe delivery of products.
    • Less labour intensive to pack than bubble wrap sheets – saving both money and time.
    • Decreases shipment costs and carbon emissions due to lesser weight.
    • Less labour intensive to unpack – attractive end consumer.

    Applications of Air Bubble Pouches

    Air Bubble Pouches are extensively used to send the product / letters / documents etc. from one place to another.

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