Artwork Approval


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Please note we may not be able to modify your artwork if you are not using the platform that is listed above.


  • E-mail (file size 10MB or less)
  • Download links such as WeTransfer, YouSendIt or Drop box.


Templates are offered upon request from your Sales Representative. Please use our template to confirm proper layout and to avoid expensive reworks. They are available automatically in Illustrator and /or PDF files.


  • Plan all your text. All text should be made in Illustrator and must be converted to vector file to avoid font replacement OR please include all screen and printer fonts (Suitcase and Postscript fonts). We cannot accept finished artwork in Photoshop layout. Unlike offset printing, scanned text and line arts are not acceptable. Thus, all text and line arts must be done in Illustrator format.
  • Do not scan pre-printed pictures. Make sure pictures are saved in CMYK mode not RGB mode.
  • Make sure to include all supporting files individually, such as picture files and original files. Do not flatten layers in Photoshop.
  • Images of 4-color procedure printing must be at a resolution of 300 dpi (175 maximum line screen).
  • Please have your logo(s) created in Illustrator. Do not import your logo(s) into Photoshop except if it’s necessary.
  • PROOFREAD all the text in your artwork before submission. Always cross check the spelling, content and layout. Please note any changes made after artwork has been submitted may delay the procedure and also add to the expense.
  • Clear Knockout: Please specify the CLEAR knockout as LIGHT GREY colour and add some description so as to avoid confusion.
  • White Underlay: If any part in your artwork needs a white underlay, please construct a diagram on a separate layer named White Underlay.
  • Foil material:  Areas without white base will look metallic.
  • Poly material:  Areas without white base will look clear.
  • Matte Finish:  If any part in your artwork that needs to have matte finish, please construct a diagram on a separate layer named Matte Finish.


  • Crystal containers use rotogravure printing (up to 10 colours counting white and matte finish). Please provide a Pantone number for any spot colour that you choose. Please use PANTONE Solid Coated or PANTONE Solid Chips Coated.
  • If you want us to match any CMYK images, please provide us with a colour reference (Printout / Match-print) for us to match.  Please provide at least 2 samples.
  • Please note the registration acceptance for any colour on press can be up to +/- 0.75mm in any direction.
  • Please note the registration acceptance for matte lacquer on press can be up to +/- 1 mm in any direction.


When planning an artwork for a roll film, please follow the requirements on the machine specification provided by the Co-Packer or follow the dimensions on the sample bag formed by the machine. Please kindly attach a copy of the machine specification or include the sample bag along with your artwork.


Only Pantone and/or spot colours can be used. CMYK colours can’t be printed on the Kraft paper material.


Crystal containers cannot warranty the consistency of print on the Kraft paper material. Due to the changing texture and fibers, the ink may not engross evenly onto the substrate resulting in variations in print. If the client would like to move forward using Kraft paper, it is assumed that Crystal containers will not be held accountable for any disappointment due to the print appearance on the bags/pouches. Please ask your sales representative if you would like to see samples of this material. 

Proofing: We will create the final proof for your authorization. Our final proof shows the plate colour break-down and pouch layout. For printing consideration, sometimes our plate designer will make slight changes to the original artworks. Changes such as:

  • Changes in similar colours for plate saving deliberation.
  • CMYK 4 colour procedure to spot colours for better printing registration with the gravure press.
  • In some situations, where the white texts cannot overprint the background of darker colour(s), dark colour outlines will be added to the white texts.


A prototype proof will be delivered to you to confirm style, size, text copy, and colour(s) before mass production. Please review the proof alongside your artwork wisely to avoid expensive reworks. The final products will be printed and produced according to the approved proofs.