Description of BOPP pouches for packing stationery

BOPP pouches for packing stationery is one of the premium stationery protecting products that is manufactured from the best quality in grade Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene with advanced processing technology to ensure its capacity to prevent dust, moisture, dirt and other particles. BOPP pouches are light in weight yet brilliant in strength, due to which, scratch & abrasion do not damage its surface and edge effortlessly. Most generally needed in the stationery packing industry, the BOPP pouches for packing stationery also provides you with a stylish way of presenting stationery products in the market.

Specifications of BOPP pouches for packing Stationery

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameBOPP pouches for packing stationery
Category BOPP Pouches
Size Max.400 mm max.
Size Min30 mm width
Glossy/MattBoth Available
Press & Seal ZipperNo
Slider ZipperNo
Usage/ApplicationTo Pack & Transport The Stationery Products Conveniently And To Keep Them Safe From Dust, Water Etc.
MOQ For Plain/Printed100 Kgs/150 Kgs
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    Features & Advantages of BOPP pouches for packing Stationery

    • BOPP pouches for packing stationery made up of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene material.
    • Abrasion and rub resistant.
    • BOPP pouches have superior print quality.
    • Superior dimensional steadiness and water resistance.
    • High quality Flexographic printing up to 10 colours.
    • BOPP has excellent tensile strength & durability that permits huge load capacities.
    • Available with anti-slip management.
    • BOPP pouches are heat cut or cold cut.
    • Can be gusseted or pillow/tube.
    • Also offered in transparent material for product visibility.
    • Perfect for Automatic bagging system.
    • Extensively used for added value or high visibility products.
    • Suitable handle support option.
    • Tear and perforation resistant, decreasing expensive losses of products and reworking costs. 
    • Can customize its shape, size and style as per their Client’s requirements.

    Applications of BOPP pouches for packing Stationery

    BOPP pouches for packing stationery are extensively used to pack & transport the stationery products conveniently and to keep them safe from dust, water etc.

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