Card Holder

Specifications of Card Holder

CH08-300 75 MICRON 232*252mm
CH10-200 50 MICRON 230*305mm
CH10-300 75 MICRON 230*305mm
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    Features & Advantages of Card Holder

    1. Card Protection: The primary purpose of a card holder is to protect your cards from wear and tear, bending, scratching, or demagnetization. 
    2. Compact and Portable: Card holders are slim and lightweight, allowing easy carrying in pockets, purses, or bags.
    3. Easy Organization: With multiple slots, card holders enable you to categorize and organize your cards according to your preferences. This ensures quick and hassle-free access to the desired card whenever needed.
    4. Reduced Clutter: Instead of carrying loose cards that can easily get lost or misplaced, a card holder keeps them neatly arranged in one place.

    Applications of Card Holder

    1. Daily Wallet Organization: A card holder is an excellent addition to your wallet, ensuring that your cards are neatly organized and easily accessible. It prevents your wallet from becoming cluttered, making it more convenient to locate specific cards when needed.
    2. Business and Networking: For professionals, a card holder is a must-have accessory for storing business cards. It keeps your own business cards well-presented and readily available for networking opportunities.
    3. Travel Convenience: When traveling, a card holder helps you stay organized by keeping all your travel-related cards in one place. Whether it’s your passport, boarding passes, hotel key cards, or international driver’s license, a card holder ensures easy access and minimizes the risk of misplacing these essential items.