Description of Compostable gardening pouches

Compostable gardening pouches are BPI certified & made from plant materials such as polylactic acid (PLA). These pouches break down into non-toxic components and the non-toxic residue can be cycled back into the soil to securely support plant life. Our 100% compostable gardening pouches can replace conservative packaging and still deliver the necessary barrier for gardening products.

Specifications of Compostable Gardening pouches

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameCompostable gardening pouches
Category Compostable pouches
Size16″ X 20″
Thickness50 – 60 micron
Features100% Compostable
Is It RecyclableRecyclable
Usage/ApplicationTo Pack & Store Gardening Products
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    Features & Advantages of Compostable Gardening pouches

    • Using compostable pouches makes it much easier to recycle.
    • These pouches break down which means the plastic gets engrossed by the earth.
    • Compostable pouches are much better for the environment.
    • Using compostable pouches removes landfill and the breakdown of toxic gasses.
    • Compostable pouches have high mechanical strength and help in decreasing thickness of film.

    Applications of Compostable Gardening pouches

    Compostable gardening pouches are extensively used to pack & store gardening products.

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