Dry Fruit Pouches

Dry fruits are often classified as an exotic food item. Its nutritious value and appeal is supreme across the world. Whether for personal eating or export purposes, dry fruit needs to be packed properly to preserve its freshness, texture, crispiness, flavour and nutritional properties. Dry Fruit Packaging, therefore, plays a vital role for these kinds of products. It must be packed in Dry Fruit Packaging Pouches that are moisture-proof and air-tight. Moreover, it must be transported in epitome condition and should not be damaged in shipment.

Dry Fruit Pouches are particularly designed to meet these requirements. We understand the unique requirements for packing dry fruit and offer consumers different kinds of pouches for storing dry fruit in optimal condition. Our Pouches are tamper-resistant and can be easily transported without fear of contamination or seepage. Dry Fruit Packaging Pouches is also perfect for fulfilling bulk export packaging requirements.

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