Flat-Bottom Bakery Pouches

Description of Flat-bottom Bakery pouches

The Flat-bottom Bakery pouches is designed to focus on a flexible flat bottom pouch made to impersonate a traditional rigid box. This extremely anticipated Flat-bottom Bakery pouches offers incredible shelf stability due to its substantial, level bottom. Because the base is flat and secure, the flat-bottom pouch is the perfect packaging solution for many bakery products such as bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins.

Our Flat-bottom Bakery pouches manufactured using the best quality range of Bakery Packaging Material, which are provided as per the set industrial norms and standards. They are extensively known for their high tensile strengths and we offer them for the packaging of bread, rolls, cookies and other Bakery products. During the phase of handling and transportation, these packaging materials ensure extreme safety of the products.

Specifications of Flat-bottom Bakery pouches

Company Crystal Containers
Product name Flat-bottom Bakery pouches
Category  Flat-bottom pouches
Laminate 2 Ply / 3 Ply
Size Max. 10 Kg
Size Min 500g
Width 90-450mm
Length 175-600mm
Gusset 35-120mm
Glossy/Matt Both Available
Press & Seal Zipper Yes
Slider Zipper No
Trans./Opaque Both
Usage/Application To Pack & Store Bakery Products & To Increase Shelf Life
MOQ For Plain/Printed 10000/25000
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    Features & Advantages of Flat-bottom Bakery pouches

    • Flat-bottom pouch is a flexible type of packaging, the advantages include less storing space, reduced shipment costs, and more product for less space.
    • They do not slit, crack, or shatter if dropped, resulting in less damages, more products sold, and happier consumers.
    • Flat-bottom pouches can be directly printed on or branded for easy & immediate recognisable branding.
    • The design of these pouches takes away the need for external cartons and thus decreases cost.
    • The Flat-bottom pouches provide a square base that offers stability and rigidity when stacked on supermarket shelves.
    • Manufactured from highest quality materials which prolong shelf life and allow the contents of the pouch to remain fresh for longer.

    Applications of Flat-bottom Bakery pouches

    Flat-bottom Bakery pouches are extensively used for packing & storing bakery products & to increase shelf life.

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