Description of FMCG Slider Pouches

FMCG Slider Pouches are easy and fast to open and firmly reclose with little necessary effort/force. They are an economical preference for resealable packaging. Our superior quality FMCG Slider Pouches are commended for their inspiring tear resistance. The pouches are prefabricated using premium grade plastic and made available to clients in different sizes, shapes and designs. At all times, the smooth printing of the designs is guaranteed, in order to satisfy the clients to the fullest. Our FMCG Slider Pouches are economical, in order to make them inexpensive for a large worldwide clientele.

Specifications of FMCG Slider Pouches

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameFMCG Slider Pouches
Category Slider pouches
Laminate1 Ply / 2 Ply
Size Max.5 Kg
Size Min500g
Glossy/MattBoth Available
Press & Seal ZipperYes
Slider ZipperYes
Usage/ApplicationTo Keep & Carry FMCG Products
MOQ For Plain/Printed10000/25000
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    Features & Advantages of FMCG Slider Pouches

    • The resealable pouches provide elegant protection for your products.
    • Slider pouches can be re-used for a number of different purposes.
    • The additional protection can prolong the life of the product by protecting it from dirt, dust, wear and tear. 
    • Since Slider pouches are resealable, it doesn’t need to be placed in a new box for display.
    • Slider pouches can be transparent, letting the customer know exactly what they’re getting before they even open it up.
    • They are lightweight and perfect for on-the-go customers and ecommerce business.
    • Slider pouches increase the chance of original package retention, keeping your brand in front of the customer.

    Applications of FMCG Slider Pouches

    FMCG Slider Pouches are extensively used to keep & carry FMCG products.

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