Description of Garment pouches with handles

Garment pouches with handles provides ease and comfort which these packs bring makes them excellent for Garment packaging and also carrying them. They come with a handle located on the pouch top so the user can effortlessly carry it while transportation and delivery. Manufactured using finest quality materials our Garment pouches with handles are suitable for packaging of garment products. These moisture proof packaging materials have been produced by using various extrusion technology. Available in opaque and transparent design choices, Garment pouches with handles are esteemed for their tear proof glossy surface and shrinkage protection.

Specifications of Garment Pouches with handles

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameGarment pouches with handles
Category Pouches with handles
Laminate2 Ply / 3 Ply
Size Max.10 Kg
Size Min500g
Glossy/MattBoth Available
Press & Seal ZipperYes
Slider ZipperNo
Usage/ApplicationTo Pack & Store Garment Products & To Increase Shelf Life
MOQ For Plain/Printed10000/25000
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    Features & Advantages of Garment Pouches with handles

    • Pouches with handles can make packaging a lot more expedient, mainly for heavier products. 
    • The comfort at which products can be carried home or to the car can often play a significant part in a shopper’s buying choice.
    • Pouches with handles are manufactured from lightweight materials, and their flexibility means they’re easy to pack and ship without taking up too much space.
    • They can be directly printed on or branded for easy & immediate recognisable branding.
    • Pouches with handles do not slit, crack, or shatter if dropped, resulting in less damages, more products sold, and happier consumers.

    Applications of Garment Pouches with handles

    Garment pouches with handles are extensively used to pack & store garment products & to increase shelf life.

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