Description of Gusseted Stationery Pouches

Gusseted Stationery Pouches are pouches with an extra layer called gusset added in order to increase the strength and size of the pouch. These gussets can be attached either at the bottom or on the sides base as per the requirement. The weight is more equally distributed in a gusseted pouch as compared to several other packaging methods. This makes it easier for shop owners and consumers to carry them around. Gusseted Pouches are extensively used to pack different types of stationery products.

Specifications of Gusseted Stationery Pouches

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameGusseted Stationery Pouches
Category Gusseted Pouches
Laminate2 Ply / 3 Ply
Size Max.10 Kg
Size Min500g
Glossy/MattBoth Available
Press & Seal ZipperYes
Slider ZipperNo
Usage/ApplicationTo Pack & Store Stationery Products & To Increase Shelf Life
MOQ For Plain/Printed10000/25000

Features & Advantages of Gusseted Stationery Pouches

  • Gusseted Pouches have strong structure and protective barriers that keep your products fresh for a longer time.
  • Does not need any external support to stand straight due to its heavy bottom.
  • Gusseted Pouches take less space both in the store shelves and your kitchen which looks less chaotic.
  • Makes it easy to carry them from one place to another due to its unchanging weight distributions as compared to the other packaging solutions.
  • Gusseted Pouches stands out for its adaptability and ability to pack an extensive range of products.

Applications of Gusseted Stationery Pouches

Gusseted Stationery Pouches are extensively used for packaging different types of stationery products.

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