Description of Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging

The provided Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging are manufactured from high grade plastic and cutting-edge technologies to ensure its good performance. It physically protects the merchandise from damage caused by exposure to dust, sun, temperature changes & contaminants. Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging protects the goods against loss of nutritional value such as oxidation of fats, denaturing of proteins etc. Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging preserves the hygroscopic nature of the product.

Our Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging manufactured using the best quality range of FMCG Packaging Material, which are provided as per the set industrial norms and standards. They are extensively known for their high tensile strengths and we offer them for the packaging of FMCG products. During the phase of handling and transportation, these packaging materials ensure extreme safety of the products.

Specifications of Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameLaminated Rolls for FMCG packaging
Category Laminated Rolls
Laminate2 Ply / 3 Ply
Size Max.900 mm Coil
Size Min50 mm Coil
Width50 – 900mm
Glossy/MattBoth Available
Press & Seal ZipperNo
Slider ZipperNo
Usage/ApplicationTo Pack On FFS Machines, Store & Transport Conveniently And To Increase The Shelf Life Of FMCG Products
MOQ For Plain/Printed100 Kgs/150 Kgs
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    Features & Advantages of Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging

    • Made of plastic, Laminated rolls for packaging protects the packed items from scratches, spills, smudges, and UV light. 
    • Laminated rolls help in preventing damage from moisture and other contaminants.
    • These rolls provide great seal ability for the pouches.
    • Laminated rolls make the packaging look more clear and attractive.
    • Laminated rolls have great bond strength as compared to others.
    • They have long shelf life as the lamination film offers protection from exterior agents like chemicals, moisture, air etc.

    Applications of Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging

    Laminated Rolls for FMCG packaging are extensively used to pack on FFS machines, store & transport conveniently and to increase the shelf life of FMCG products.

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