Description of Paper Bubble Envelope

A paper bubble envelope is a lightweight and durable packaging solution designed to protect various items during transportation. It combines the protective features of bubble wrap with the convenience of an envelope, making it a perfect choice for shipping small and delicate objects. The envelope is made from a combination of Kraft paper and bubble wrap, providing cushioning and shock absorption to safeguard the contents inside.

Specifications of Paper Bubble Envelope

PBE 001140mm*245mm
PBE 002175mm*230mm
PBE 003230mm*255mm
PBE 004278mm*305mm
PBE 005278mm*350mm
PBE 006330mm*405mm
PBE 007380mm*460mm
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    Features & Advantages of Paper Bubble Envelope

    1. Lightweight and Flexible: Paper bubble envelopes are lightweight, which makes them cost-effective to ship while ensuring the protection of the enclosed items. 
    2. Cushioning and Shock Absorption: The bubble wrap lining of the paper bubble envelope acts as a protective cushion, absorbing shocks and preventing damage caused by impacts during transportation. 
    3. Tear and Puncture Resistance: The Kraft paper exterior of the envelope offers excellent tear and puncture resistance, ensuring that the contents remain secure and intact throughout the shipping process.
    4. 4. Self-sealing Closure: Paper bubble envelopes often come with a self-sealing closure, eliminating the need for additional tapes or adhesives. The adhesive strip allows for quick and easy sealing, saving time and effort in the packaging process.

    Applications of Paper Bubble Envelope

    1. E-commerce and Retail: With the rise of online shopping, paper bubble envelopes have become an indispensable packaging solution for e-commerce businesses. They provide a safe and protective layer for shipping small electronic devices, jewellery, cosmetics, and other fragile items.
    2. Stationery and Documents: Paper bubble envelopes are widely used for mailing important documents, contracts, certificates, and photographs. 
    3. Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies: In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the safety and integrity of products are paramount. Paper bubble envelopes are often employed to transport medical samples, sensitive equipment, and temperature-sensitive medications, offering reliable protection during transit.
    4. 4. Gifting and Crafts: When sending gifts or handmade crafts, using a paper bubble envelope adds an extra layer of care. It keeps the items safe from potential bumps or knocks, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.