Description of Security / Couries Bags – Bubble

Security/courier bags with bubble lining are specifically designed to protect fragile and sensitive items during transportation. These bags integrate a layer of bubble wrap inside their construction, offering an added layer of cushioning and protection. With their sturdy build and secure closure, these bags are widely used in various industries for shipping valuable products securely.

Specifications of Security / Couries Bags – Bubble

Available Sizes


(5.5*9.5 inch)


(10*12 inch)


(6.5*9 inch)


(10*14 inch)


(8*10 inch)


(12*16 inch)


(15*19 inch)

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    Features & Advantages of Security / Couries Bags – Bubble

    • Durability and Tear Resistance: One of the key features of security/courier bags with bubble lining is their exceptional durability. These bags are manufactured using robust materials that offer superior tear resistance. 
    • Cushioning and Shock Absorption: The bubble wrap lining in security/courier bags provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties. The air-filled bubbles act as a protective layer, effectively absorbing impact and minimizing the risk of damage to fragile items. 
    • Water and Moisture Resistance: Security/courier bags with bubble lining are designed to provide resistance against water and moisture. The outer layer of the bag is typically made from waterproof or water-resistant material, ensuring that the contents remain dry and unaffected by environmental conditions during transit.
    • Tamper-Evident Sealing Mechanism: Maintaining the security and integrity of the shipped items is crucial. Security/courier bags with bubble lining feature a tamper-evident sealing mechanism. Once the bag is sealed, any unauthorized attempts to open it will be clearly visible, indicating tampering.

    Applications of Security / Couries Bags – Bubble

    1. E-commerce and Online Retail: Security/courier bags – Bubble offer a reliable solution for shipping products, ensuring that they reach customers in their original condition without any tampering.
    2. Banking and Finance: The banking and finance sector relies on secure transportation of sensitive documents, checks, and cash. These bags provide a trusted solution for securely transporting these valuable items, minimizing the risk of loss, theft, or tampering.
    3. Medical and Pharmaceutical: In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, the transportation of samples, specimens, and pharmaceutical products requires utmost care and security. Security/courier bags – Bubble offers a hygienic and tamper-evident solution, maintaining the integrity of these crucial items during transit.
    4.  Legal and Government Agencies: Legal documents, confidential records, and sensitive files often need to be transported securely between law firms, government agencies, and courts. Security/courier bags – Bubble ensures the privacy and protection of these documents, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.