Description of Zipper Profile for Pouches

Zipper Profile is a press to close zipper style that employs a single piece of material which protrudes from the pouch and fits straight into a track on the opposite side of the pouch. Interlocking plastic pieces snap into place and produce friction to avoid the zipper from opening. Zipper Profile is the most frequently used profile and it is applied to pouches from standard pouches zipper bags to small pouches zipper bags.

Specifications of Zipper Profile for Pouches

CompanyCrystal Containers
Product nameZipper Profile for Pouches
Category Zipper Profiles
Width3 mm, 10mm, 14 mm, 15mm
Usage/ApplicationIt Is Use To Prepare Zipper Pouches
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    Features & Advantages of Zipper Profile for Pouches

    • Zipper Profile significantly decreases wrinkles on films due to low temperature requirements.
    • Ribs on the back of zipper and Internal side rib allow minor misalignment of zip sealing
    • Zipper Profile gives a very clean pouch look that can be used for all food pouches.
    • They avoid delamination as the temperature requirement is very low.
    • Zipper Profiles have very good bonding between zipper and laminates.
    • Can be made by adding different compounds to anticipated strength and smoothness.
    • Soft seal material with special sealant appropriate for food & tobacco contact applications.
    • Zipper Profile is manufactured from very low ceiling temperature polymers that can increase machine speed.

    Applications of Zipper Profile for Pouches

    Zipper Profiles for Pouches are extensively used to prepare zipper pouches.

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